What is the Additional Cost for Enlarging a Breast Augmentation?

Does getting bigger implants cost more/less/same as the initial implant operation?

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Costs associated with increasing size of breast implants

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Hi there-

Your expected costs would be anesthesia fees + facility fees + surgeon's fees + implant fees...

If you are happy with the surgeon you used the first time, and depending on his/her policies, as well as how long it has been since the original procedure, it may be less expensive than the first procedure.

Changing Implants

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It just depends on who is doing the surgery, what needs to be done, etc.  Your original surgeon is likely to give you a discount on the surgery, while a new surgeon may charge you close to their full augmenattion price.

Charges for remove and replace implants

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If using the original surgeon, most will charge a reduced fee in addition to operating room and anesthesia fees. If using a different surgeon, most will charge the same as if you were undergoing the procedure for the first time and perhaps more if revisions are required such as a lift, etc.

Redo breast augmentation

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Breast augmentation redo surgery can be performed.  The exact cost varies depending upon who you go to for surgery.  Many surgeons that have treated you before would probably give you a discount to bump you up in size.

Cost of getting Bigger Implants after initial Breast Augmentation

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The cost of getting larger implants after initial Breast Augmentation is, at least, as much as the original procedure. Sometimes it can be more if additional procedures, such as removing a contracted capsule, are required. This is why it is so important to discuss your desires at length with your surgeon before the surgery. The more that is understood about your desires, the less likely you are to need a revision postoperatively.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Enlarging a breast augmentation

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Your question is intriguing. I assume you wish to use the same surgeon not a new one. In that scenario I charge a fee for the new implant (from $600 to $1850 depending on type of implant) + operative/ anesthesia costs (from $600 to $1200). So if exchanging saline HP implants the fee is $600 + $600 = $1200. This is an additional fee to the original one charged. Hope that helps.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Charge for Changing to Larger (or smaller) Implant

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If I performed the initial surgery, I usually chatge little, if any, for an exchange in implants if indeed that is all that is done.  On the other hand, If the original surgery was performed by someone else, my charge is essentially the same as with a primary augmentation mammaplasty.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Same as the original or more if the are some revision needed

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Getting larger breast implants after original augmentation is considered a new surgery. Some patients need more than just bigger imolants ,like closing the fullness in the axilla or relaesing the capsule medially.

Each doctor has their own policy

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My policy is simple - if you were my patient, and within one year you decide you want to be smaller or larger, I will only charge you an OR fee, an anesthesia fee and the cost of replacing the implants. If I did not do you first time, the fee is virtually the same as doing an augmentation the first time.

Costs of breast augmentation revision

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Assuming you and your doctor spent a lot of time sizing you, any changes in size after are basically your financial responsibility and will cost most of an original augmentation.  Ask your surgeon what their policy is on this. 

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