Is It Likely That I'll Need Revision Breast Surgery After Nursing?

I had a breast augmentation after nursing my son for 22 months. Breastfeeding that long left my breasts very deflated and with very little tissue remaining. I was a 34AA pre-surgery and measured a 34D after. I'm now 5 months pregnant and intend to breastfeed for 1 year. My breasts have changed very little so far, maybe 1/2 a cup size. Because I had so little breast tissue pre-surgery and am keeping weight gain to guidelines, is it possible to tell how likely it is that I'll need more surgery?

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Breast Revision

There is no way to predict at this point.  The breasts can be very different in the way they respond from  one pregnancy to another.

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Revision breast surgery after breast feeding

It is not possible to predict whether you will need another breast augmentation/lift.  Although you are trying to maintain a healthy weight gain through your pregnancy, some women's breasts grow despite a moderate weight gain.  Whether you will need an additional surgery will depend on how much your breast grow during your pregnancy/breastfeeding as well as your skin quality.   Since you have already undergone breast augmentation with lift, at most you will need breast lift after your second pregnancy.

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Possible breast revision surgery after nursing

Thank you for your question. The fact that you had little breast tissue prior to your pregancy is a better indicator that you'll experience less volume loss after your next pregnancy. While having undergone a previous breast augmentation may assist you long-term in maintaining your shape, I do agree that it's not possible to predict the visible changes after breast feeding. By maintaining your weight between pregnancies, again, you'll have a better predictor of long-term success. However, other factors such as genetics, tissue elasticity, your age, smoking status, and volume change all play a part in the long-term changes. 

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Breast augmentation revision after pregnancy?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to  predict whether additional surgery will be beneficial after pregnancy  and or breast-feeding. However, based on your descriptions, history, and your attempts to keep weight gain within guidelines, I think you're doing everything you can to minimize the need for further surgery. Factors such as weight gain/loss, genetics, age of patient, quality of skin elasticity, change in size of breasts  during pregnancy/ breast-feeding,  more breast-feeding on one side versus the other etc. all play parts  in determining ultimate breast  size, symmetry, shape and position on  chest wall. 

I suggest you enjoy the journey–time will tell if additional surgery is necessary. 

Best wishes. 

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