Timing For Rhinoplasty?

I feel the need to clarify some aspects about my inquiry. I am currently working and would be able to afford my surgery given time. However, I desire to have my surgery done within my specific time frame for personal reasons. I am not willing to wait for almost a year to complete my decision to have nose surgery. Therefore, I want answers that are relevant to my question. What action must I take in order to have surgery done within a couple weeks, considering my limiting conditions?

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Timing for rhinoplasty

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The timing for a rhinoplasty is a personal decision. It is important to not make a quick decision and to do it for the wrong reasons or to choose the wrong surgeon just based on your timing.  It is important to do plenty of research to identify a couple of surgeons who can give you the anticipated results. Once the decision has been made to have the surgery, it is important to stay off any blood thinners for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery to prevent a nosebleed.  It is also best to stay off any ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, and herbal supplements prior to elective cosmetic nasal surgery.

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Options to finance cosmetic surgery

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It sounds like you have already decided to have a rhinoplasty and your real question is financing.  There are may avenues available to finance cosmetic surgery such as care credit.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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As the staff about scheduling a rhinoplasty

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Once you have decided on having rhinoplasty surgery, you need to find a surgeon with excellent experience, as it is a difficult surgery to "master." Your question about scheduling surgery can be best answered by the surgeon's staff. Sometimes surgery schedules are very full and other times there are plenty of openings; the staff can tell you how far into the future the doctor is scheduling.

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Most surgeons will cater to you and readily book your surgery within a few weeks.  If they want you to have bloodwork done, that can usually be done within a day or two, and shouldn't delay your surgery.


So, I guess the rate limiting step is you.  If you want a rhinoplasty soon, go see a local board certified plastic surgeon ASAP.  The sooner you go, the sooner you can have your surgery.  They can also discuss financing options with you.



Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Timing for Rhinoplasty #nosejob

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This sounds pretty simple. If you have the surgeon picked who you entrust with delivering what you want then you just need money and it can happen. Time frame depends on your surgeons schedule. I am routinely booked out 6-8 weeks in my practice or more so it really depends on your surgeon's schedule. Hope this helps.

Richard J. Brown, MD
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Timing for Rhinoplasty

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I guess I'm missing something. Most surgeons try to accommodate for their patients desires for surgery. The busier the surgeon the more difficult it can be. Of course a busy surgeon is a good sign that he/she is good at what they do. The sooner you find the right surgeon for you, the more options you will have in scheduling your surgery. It is a team effort between the surgeon and patient in order to get the best results. Good luck.

Timing and coordination of rhinoplasty

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The first step is to find a surgeon with whom you feel confident and comfortable.  If you can clearly identify realistic goals and the surgeon feels comfortable with your goals, you could move towards surgery relatively rapidly. The earlier you can let a surgeon know you would like to schedule surgery, the better your choices in terms of days and times.  I agree that it may be harder to get the ideal date and time with a busy surgeon, but busy surgeons are used to being busy and will likely be able to accomodate your request.

Stephen B. Baker, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Tough spot to be in....

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Obviously the action you should be taking is finding the right surgeon which starts by doing your homework and research and then having consultation with a handful of surgeons which you have narrowed your list to.  Unfortunately the action you should have taken was planned this months ago if you want the surgery in 2 weeks.  You will either end up with a surgeon who is not busy or you will end up with a good busy surgeon who you like but wont be able to fit into his schedule for many weeks to come especially this time of year.  

A rhinoplasty us a major surgery and not one you should rush into regardless of your plans.  Most good surgeons require pre-op labs, medical work up, one or even 2 consultations before scheduling and most good surgeons are busy and booked weeks or months in advance.  

Do your homework and do the surgery when the time is right with the right surgeon.  A revision rhinoplasty is much more costly and complex! 

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Timing for rhinoplasty.

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The rhinoplasty can be done in a few weeks but I or any  surgeon needs to see you or photos and you do not have to wait a year. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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