Is It Possible to Add Shape and Refinement to a Short & Wide Nose?

I really hate my nose,Wish it didn't bother me so much, but it does.I like my face,but my nose takes away from the rest of my features.It looks weird,out of place & unattractive.Looks the worst when smiling,as it widens more. As a result I rarely smile,especially in pics. Had primary Rhino to try & correct it 8yrs ago after saving for 10yrs to pay for it. The results weren't even noticeable. I've used fillers to try & create the illusion of a more narrow nose. It doesn't work. Ideas?

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Shape and refinement to short, wide nose

Revision rhinoplasty is always difficult and can lead to less than perfect results.  Height can be added to the nasal bridge with either cartilage grafts from the patient’s septum or with a synthetic implant such as silastic.  A higher nasal bridge gives the illusion of narrower sidewalls.  Weirs alarplasty can be performed to narrow the wide nostrils.  Further refinement of the tip can be done with dome binding sutures that reduce the bulbousness of the nasal tip.  We do not recommend fillers in the nose.  

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Short wide nose

I think that overall your nose looks pretty nice. I can appreciate it however if you still think that the tip of your nose is a bit wide. The only thing you can do though is going to be additional surgery. Perhaps if you returned to your original surgeon to discuss your concerns and disappointment, that maybe he/she will cut you a break on the price. It's worth a try. Good luck.

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