When Can I Get out of Zip Ups? (photo)

i am so ready to wear a normal bra one of my zip ups i ordered was to tight is that bad or good it gave support and why am i so bloated before i wasnt in the photos you will see anything i can do for that

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You should be returning or calling your surgeon to answer these questions. But in general, you should wear a bra that is not too tight. Bloating after surgery may be a side effect of your pain medication. But call your surgeon, who will answer these questions for you.

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When Can I Get out of Zip Ups?

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ALWAYS best to call your surgeon and follow his/her post operative protocols!! I would not like you listening to me since you are not my patient.//

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Best to check in with your plastic surgeon. I have patients wear a supportive sports bra for one month post op. Best of luck.

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