Day 6 Post Op Went from 36c to 450 Cc Morning Boob is Not Great Pain in my Ribs Why? (photo)

Day 6 post op I'm worndering if there is any relife from morning boob or the pain under my right rib I take that as normall heat pack works on my back my right breast is much more sore then the left anything I can do for any of my question and my dr hasn't said massage yet I am 5 foot 4 125 in weight

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Day 6 Post Op Went from 36c to 450 Cc Morning Boob is Not Great Pain in my Ribs Why?

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Looking at your posted after photo in a bathing suit top indicates to me that you are being tooooo active. Slow down. Call your surgeon to discuss your rib pain. 

Pain in rib area

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This should resolve with time.  Heat or ice may help as well as over the counter motrin.  Follow your PS instructions for now and long term this should not be an issue for you.  Best, Dr. Kerr

6 Days Post Op

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If you are concerned you should call your plastic surgeon. Each surgeon has his or her own post op instructions…make sure you are following your post op guidelines.


Breast augmentation post instruction

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Breast augmentation post-op instructions are different for different doctors. It is best to ask your surgeon what he prefers.

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