Will Acupuncture and Laser Light Therapy Help Me?

I have tried an acupuncurist twice and didn't feel any relief. He wants to try low level laser therapy and wants me to purchase an inexpensive laser pointer and use it every day on the painful and tight areas on my face. He used it on my and I didn't feel any better the second day, possible even a littel worse. What do you think? It has been 8 mo and I am tired of the pain and pulling.

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Dysesthesias 8 Months after Facelift

Though the dysesthesias may get better with time, a pain management specialist may be appropriate.  Massage may help, as well as neuromodulating drugs like Gabapentin.    Local blocks may be helpful or lidocaine patches, but I have never used these -- these are better determined by pain management specialists.  Hope this helps.

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Adjunctive Therpaies for Facelift Healing

In my office, I routinely give all my surgical patients a homeopathic formulation of Arnica montana (for swelling and bruising), and use light and ultrasound therapy after surgery to promote healing.

Discuss with your surgeon if gentle massage (with a therapist) may be helpful at this point. Sometimes, Botox into the tight platsyma (neck) muscles can lessen the tension in the neck until healing is complete.

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