Since Birth My Eyelid Will Close on Its Own, What Can be Done?

actually my one eye lid closes,i got this by birth,but this was a very big proplem for me,it affects my concentration,because when the eye lid closes,ithink about that,sometimes hate my life due to the way i think,now iam 25years old,ishowed to doctors when iwas small,at the age 10to15,they told by birth,some times it will be alright at the age of 25 but stiill the same ,my vision is good,the problem i have is in the lid,suddenely it closes,and sometimes difficult to open,i have to think andopen

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WIth due respect to my colleague who has provided a diagnosis....


I would caution you about taking a diagnosis provided online without the benefit of a photograph or an examination to heart.  Blepharospasm is not a condition that presents at birth.  Before you consider a treatment, you really need a diagnosis.  I suggest that you consider seeing an ophthalmologist in your country for a detailed assessment.

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Eyelid Closing On Its Own, Blepharospasm

I hope I am understanding you correctly, but it sounds as though you have a condition called blepharospasm.  This is a neurologic condition where the nerve spontaneously and randomly sends a false message to the muscle to close the eye.  Generally, the cause can not be found.  In this situation, botulinum products such as Botox and Dysport are used to temporarily block the nerve-muscle connection.  The treatment lasts for 3 or 4 months.  It may not be possible to completely block the problem, but it is usually the case that it is vastly improved.

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Better description needed

By your description, it is difficult to understand whether this is a static problem [eyelid is always lower] which would be eyelid ptosis [or droopiness] versus a dynamic problem with spasming of the eyelid. Very different problems.

Photos would be very helpful.

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