Can I Have an Active FX Treatment for the 3rd Time ?

I've had 2 times an active fx ( combined with just partially a deep fx) treatment under my eyes, two years ago the first one, and one year ago the second one. My skin really improved, but wrinkles started to appear again. I'd really like to have one more Active FX. Would there be any reason to not have one ? Will it be too bad for your skin, i've heard that it can make your skin more thin if you have too many laser treatments.

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Multiple Active FX Treatments

Actually, each time you have a laser treatment, your fibroblasts are stimulated to make more collagen and the skin gets thicker. This is why wrinkles improve. Therefore, if you need to, you can have many laser treatments in your lifetime. The fear of thinning the skin is from the look of patients who have a laser treatment that is too strong. That can give an unnatural appearance of the skin. However, appropriate laser treatments can be repeated many time as needed for healthy skin throughout your lifetime.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Multiple treatments using Active FX laser.

Yes you can have multiple treatments with the Active FX laser. As with any laser it is important you are treated by someone medically trained for the equipment they are using. As suggested in other response's the depth of the laser is adjustable and should be adjusted by your doctor. The right person with the right knowledge will prevent any adverse reaction and can improve your results.

Lucy Barr, MD
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Active FX C02 laser treatement

As  Active FX is a fractionated laser its only treating a percentage of your skin with each treatement.  Your MD will set the percentage or "density " of skin covered with each treatement depending on your needs.   Therefore it is safe to treat patients with multiple Active FX C02 treatments.  Generally one has to waite for at least three months before subsequent treatments.  This procedure  actually stimulates collagen improving skins quality rather than having a thinning effect as seen with some skin resurfacing procedures.  In my practice we individualize treatments with most patients requiring multiple treatments for best results.  Patients also tend to maintain their results wih ongoing laser maintenence treatments.

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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