Does Active Fx Treat Broken Capillarits in the Cheeks of the Face ?

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Does Active Fx Treat Broken Capillaries in the Cheeks?

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Thank you for your question. There is mild coagulation with a CO2 laser, but it is not the best thing for redness.  Use a V-Beam or IPL for vessels. A yag can also be effective with defined vessels. I hope this helps!

Active FX for lines, scars

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Active FX is a fractionated CO2 laser that works best to improve skin texture: wrinkles, lines, and scarring.  It may also improve some pigment abnormalities.  Broken blood vessels, from sun damage or rosacea, often respond well to intense pulsed light treatments, and lasers specific for vessels, such as the iridex laser.  Usually a series of treatments a few weeks apart are required to treat blood vessels. 

Donna Bilu Martin, MD
Aventura Dermatologist

Best Treatment for "Broken Capillaries"

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ActiveFX is best suited for improvement of sun damamge, rough skin texture and irregular skin tone.

Best treatment for prominent facial capillaries are IPL, Nd:YAG or pulse dye laser, depending on the amount of vessels and your skin type.

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