Active FX- I'm Terrified Something Went Wrong! What's happening?

It's 10 days later and my face is pitch red, with deep red cracks, around my eyes have what look like sun blisters (white hard bumps). My skin looks awful. I'm so scarred. I'm taking Valtrex, using Locoid Lipocream, AND taking pretnisone. It's not getting better. Pleass help. What is happening??

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Still red after Active FX

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From your picture, it does appear that you still have a moderate amount of redness following ACTIVE FX laser resurfacing.  To be honest, not knowing what settings were used or actually being able to evaluate you in person it is very difficult to say what is going on. 

However, I can say that for more aggressive treatments with the FX laser, redness can persist for up to 10 days depending upon settings, the areas treated, and the overall quality of your skin. 

My recommendation is to follow-up with whomever performed the treatment and have them make sure that you don't have an infection (bacterial or fungal) and that you are healing as expected.  If they do not offer peace of mind, then I would get a second opinion from either a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

I hope that helps!

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