No Results from Active FX

I'm 51, and I had Active FX in December 2008 on my face and neck. I was looking for results on neck and lower face mostly, but I had very little reaction, and essentially no results. My doctor showed me a before photo of my face, only difference is under my eyes, and that is likely because the before photo was taken without any moisturizer.

I was going to have Titan, but this doctor in Bucks Count PA is very big on Active FX. Did I make a mistake? Is Titan better for tightening? (This doctor had both machines.) Or, does my lack of results indicate that laser is not for me. I have been using the Obagi system for years; does that matter?

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Minimal effects after active FX ® treatment

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As with all procedures and medicines, there is no one single panacea for each of mankind's ailments. This would include wrinkles, brown spots and laxity of the facial skin. Many factors can contribute to a less-than-expected outcome. These can include the laser settings the doctor or nurse utilized for your treatment and how many times they applied the laser treatment to your skin in one setting. How these settings are chosen are, in turn, influenced by the practitioner's judgment,  experience and knowledge. One must realize that if all these factors are controlled and the same laser is utilized with the same settings for 1000 patients, none of thesepatients will have the same results-somewhat have exceptional ones while others may have only moderate change.
As with all procedures, it is important for the practitioner to modulate their patient's expectations.

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Ask about Active, Deep, or Both with FX Laser

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I concur with the other opinion presented. The most difficult part of this forum is the lack of photos. We can only provide information based on our experience. It really is a matter of outcomes matching expectations. If one hope for laser to tighten skin, they might really be hoping for a reduction in the appearance of jowels, for example, which in a 50+ year old patient, may well require a face lift to do.

I always ask patients to show me in a mirror the change they are hoping to see... if they pull anything up or back, we discuss surgery. There really is no laser that can effectively do that. That being said, nearly every face lift patient of mine opts for skin treatment concurrent with the lift in the form of laser, plasma (no longer available), or light. I concur that the CO2 is the most bang for the buck, with the Active and Deep FX system yielding the best overall results.

Undoubtedly, if you were hoping to see a lot of tightening or wrinkle reduction, Deep FX is mandatory, most commonly around the mouth and eyes. Active FX is really the polishing touch. I would not think that Active FX alone would yield significant tightening, especially if your definition of "tightening" is different than ours. That is, if you were hoping for results that warrant a lift rather than laser, etc.

I don't think what you did was a waste, it just might take a different tool (surgery) to get the result you're hoping for. Again, without the photos, it's tough to advise, but hang in there.

David M. Mills, MD, FACS
Pensacola Oculoplastic Surgeon

Lack of results

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May be you are trying to get a "lift" out of a resurfacing procedure. There is no resurfacing procedure that will replace a properly done lift. The resurfacing will only improve the skin quality and texture. If you upload some pictures we will be able to see if what you want is a lift or a textural improvement.

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon

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