Active FX for Milia Removal

I'm planning to have Active FX for my open pores, uneven skin texture, and fine lines under one eye. Will Active FX get rid of the milia (that can't be removed using a needle) on this area as well?

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Unlikely to improve milia formation

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Milia are tiny cysts filled with keratin. Milia usually can be very easily extracted because they sit superficially in the skin and have a lining. If you have "milia" that cannot be removed with a simple needle and extractor, then perhaps the diagnosis should be confirmed. There are mimickers like osteoma cutis for example. Formation of milia is due to a "stickiness" or improper shedding of the cells of the hair follicle unit. Laser treatments with Active FX will not correct this problem. In fact, I have seen patients with increased milia production after laser resurfacing.

Active FX will improve uneven skin texture, fine lines and freckling. These are all changes that have resulted, to a certain extent, from photoaging.

Active FX may improve enlarged (open) pores but this will be more subtle. Enlarged pores are a structural problem with the hair follicle unit. The single best treatment for reducing open pores is isotretinoin. However, remember that one should not take isotretinoin and have laser resurfacing treatment at the same time or for 1 year after the medication has been discontinued.

Hope this helps.

Long Island Dermatologist

Active FX for skin texture

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ActiveFX is not likely to help with milia. It you have one or two, perhaps your doctor can zap them with the laser beam. If you have much more than this, the scattered laser beam framework is unlikely to hit them, and then you would still need manual extraction.

It will likely be helpful for fine lines around the eyes, improving skin texture, and tightening the pores.

Stella Desyatnikova, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Opposite

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Au Contraire! One of the possible complications of laser treatment is milia formation. This is caused by the skin healing over the hair follicle, trapping its keratin contents in a small shell. This is called a milia (from the Latin for millet seed). This can be easily removed by extraction. One can also zap the contents with electro-dessication.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Active Fx not for milia removal

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Milia formation is due to excess built up of dead skin cells underneath the top layer of the skin, giving rise to white-head appearance. Treatment will require meticulous acne surgery/cyst extraction. You would need seek out board-certified dermatologist and switch to oil-free skin care products and consider prescription strength topical retinoid. Fractional CO2 laser such as Active Fx can actually temporarily worsen milia formation due to post-op emollient application.

William Ting, MD
Bay Area Dermatologic Surgeon
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