I Had Active Fx on my Legs to Remove Brown Spots and It's Taking a Long Time to Heal? Why

6 weeks ago I had spots on my legs and arms and they used deep fx. Don't know what density. I still have spots from the laser. How long should it take to heal? I just started hydroquinone but am worried the summer will pass without me being able to wear shorts. I've had follow up IPL to remove the red and now it's brown. I have another follow up to use IPL on settings to remove brown. I just need to know it will eventually go away.

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Active Fx and Deep Fx are great for face, not for legs.

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CO2 laser resurfacing does not do well when done on the arms and legs.  Although I frequently treat the neck and chest I do not venture any farther away from the face.  The lower on the body that you go, the longer the area can take to heal and the higher the risk of problems.  At this point, patience and good skin care is needed. Eventually the pigmentation will fade.

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