Active FX for Hypertrophic Arm Scar?

I have a hypertrophic scar on an arm. One is two inches long, right below the fold of inner forearm. I had one Fraxel treatment, which did nothing. The dermatologist said that ablative lasers aren't recommended anywhere other than face, due to low blood flow and slow healing. I read that silicone sheeting should be used after ablative laser or chemical peel, with guaranteed results. It's lighter in color and raises up quite a bit every time I fold my arm. Will Active FX improve this scar? Is it even possible to reduce scar by above 50%?

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Laser scar treatment?

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Scarring in the area you describe can be difficult to treat. It is true that the face heals in a more predictable manner than other areas of the body. This is in part due to the hair follicles that are present-- these are a reservoir of skin cells that repopulate the area that is ablated by the laser. This may be the same reason why some people tend to get hypertrophic scars on the ears, chest, back, and arms.

There are no guaranteed results for any cosmetic treatment, but lasers can help. There has been much interest in deep fractional lasers for scarring, such as the DeepFX laser. This application is still being studied, but DeepFX may be more appropriate than ActiveFX. Many burn victims have benefitted from deep fractional ablation in this way. The Fraxel Repair is another similar laser that works in the same way to reduce scars.

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