Is Active FX or Deep FX Easier on the Skin Compared to CO2?

I've had CO2 laser in 2001. My results from the first laser were good, other than a line of demarcation around the edge of my face. It was a really terrible experience to go through. Is Deep FX/Active FX easy in comparison?

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Active Fx and Deep Fx Quicker Recovery than traditional CO2 Laser

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Active Fx and Deep Fx are fractional ablative CO2 lasers.  The fractional nature means that microislands of skin are left untreated to heal the treated areas faster.   The healing time and the duration of redness is much less than with older CO2 lasers.   The recovery time depends on a number of variables including how much of the active and deep and what particular settings you're being treated with.   5 days is the quickest time to make up with the longest time being 10 days.  

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Newer fractionated technologies offer quicker recovery

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Compared to the older CO2 resurfacing procedure, ActiveFX and DeepFX offers less risk and quicker recovery.  Most patients are fully recovered in 5-7 days.  There is still downtime but it nothing compared to full CO2 resurfacing.

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Steven E. Rasmussen, MD, FAAD
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