Does Active FX Help Build Collagen over Time?

I'm a 52 year old woman and had a facelift about 5 years ago and was thrilled with the results. I am now looking for "maintance" and would like to know if the Active FX would help with texture, fine lines and minimal sagginess. Thanks!

P.S. I had an ablative laser done 2 years ago and ended up more red and bumpy for longer then most patients...finally healed after 1 month, but overall it didn't seem to do much.

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Collagen production after fractionated CO2 laser treatment

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Many studies have verified that age-related changes of the skin (epidermis and dermis) can get partially reversed with any type of ablative treatment. Ablative treatment constitutes chemical peels, medical dermabrasion and certain types of laser treatments. I have used the Encore® laserwith both the active FX® and deep FX® specialized treatment heads (using both in the same session is equivalent to a total FX® laser)to treat fine wrinkles, folds and skin laxity. The deep FX® theoretically is responsible for more of the skin tightening overtime but the effect is more insidious and can start to be appreciated only after 8 to 12 weeks. The active FX® seems to be better at eradicating the brown spots and fine lines. However, after many years of using this laser, I am somewhat more muted in my enthusiasm of the deep FX®'s ability to  tighten the skin.

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Combination of ActiveFX and DeepFX (TotalFX) helps build collagen

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Both treatments help induce new collagen formation and growth over time.  The DeepFX portion of the TotalFX treatment is probably the bigger contributor to the new collagen formation where as the ActiveFX treatment contributes more to enhancing and remodeling of the epidermis.

I hope you find this helpful.

Steven E. Rasmussen, MD, FAAD
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