Subcision for Acne Scars on African American Skin?

I saw a treatment advice about Subcision to help with the scarring on ethnic skin. Does it also work well on African American skin? I have "pits" left on my right cheek from an acne problem that I wish I could get rid of. Please provide your expert opinion as to whether or not this is a good option for me.

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Acne scar treatment in African American Skin

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Firstly, subcision is not used for pitted scars. These scars are often treated with excision with or without punch grafting.  Subcision is used for bound down depressed scars, which releases the fibrous tethers that holds the skin down. This procedure can be used in darker-skinned persons, although must be done with caution as darkening of the skin and/or scarring may result at the puncture sites.

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