Can I Do CO2 Laser After 5 Sessions of Fraxel?

I have acne scars and I've made 5 sessons of Fraxel Laser. After the 5 sessons of fraxel, the scars are less deep, but they are more large. The dermatologist said that I should do 3 sessons of CO2 to get better results. My questions are: 1- After 5 sessons of fraxel laser, is comum the sacers become larger and less deeper? 2- Can I do CO2 after sessos of Fraxel Laser? It's dangerous ? 3- Is better continue doing Fraxel Laser or do the Co2 now ? I'll become very happy for answers because this is so bad to me. Fabio

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Acne scars and Fraxel

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You said the dermatologist said to do CO2 after 5 Fraxels. Did you have Fraxel Restore and now the derm was indicating Fraxel Repair? This is different than Coherent CO2, the older non-fractional CO2 laser. the non-fractional laser can increase the risk of scarring.

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