Are Acne Scars Basically the Same As Post-Mole Removal Scars?

I used a natural mole remover called Dermatend and was left with flat, red scars. It has been about 10 months now. Would I be able to get rid of these marks using an acne scar cream , such as Zenmed or Acnefree Complete Scar Fade and Erase System?Thank you

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Silicone gels may reduce scars

Silicone gels may reduce scars. There are many topical agents on the marker to reduce scars. In my experience patients have had the most success with silicone gels.

Chicago Dermatologist
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There are no effective scar creams

Besides that, there are several different types of acne scars and they are usually not the same as mole removal scars.

I also do not recommend using a mole removal cream without an evaluation of the spots by a dermatologist.  How would a person know if they are removing something benign or something that could be a potential or already existing problem.

Unfortunately the FDA has no jurisdiction over herbal or natural products and things like Dermatend can be sold in this country, but one can, without knowing, remove a suspicious or malignant mole that could cause all sorts of problems.

Emily Altman, MD
Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scars from mole removal

It seems that you need to actually go in and see a dermatologist.  You report that you used a cream to remove a mole and it left an undesirable scar. Now you want to use another cream to treat the scar.  It would be best for you to have someone look at the scar and help guide you whether products, lasers, surgery etc would be best to improve your results

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist
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