Fraxel Repair for Acne Scars?

I've read that the Fraxel Re:pair works wonders on wrinkles, but what about acne scars? I have widespread scarring on my face, however most of it is fairly subtle, not "icepick" scarring.

What kind of results could I expect with Fraxel repair? My dermatologist told me I would basically have to live with it (my scarring). I'm hoping she's wrong.

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Acne Scarring, Don't Let Your Dermatologist Tell You That There Is No Hope

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Hi Candylee,

Fraxel re:pair is the treatment of choice for patient's suffering from acne scarring. Other fractionated CO2 lasers are also very effective. Although Fraxel re:store is also effective in a series of treatments, Fraxel re:pair results are far more dramatic. We are seeing marked improvement after a single treatment, although all patients are advised that it may take 2 to 3 treatments for best results.

An initial deep re:pair treatment may be followed with another deep treatment 3 to 6 months after the first, or even a Fraxel re:pair Lite treatment. Though not a guarantee of future results, thus far all of our acne scar patients have been very happy and satisfied with their results.

Be well and happy New Year.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Repair or restore will work

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Both the re:pair and re:store will work for acne scarring as both stimulate dermal collagen formation. There are differences between the number of treatments and the recovery that ultimately will determine your choice. Remember that the original studies of fractional photothermolysis (fraxel laser therapy) showed that the thousands of laser columns that are separted from each other actually stimulate collagen formation throughout the dermis and not just at each treatment point. The analogy is aerating your lawn, which promotes root growth of the entire lawn even though the small punch holes only represent a fraction of the total lawn surface.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Ahn

Min S. Ahn, MD, FACS
Westborough Facial Plastic Surgeon
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