Acne Relapse After Accutane?

I took accutane when I was 17 years old for about 6 months, From the time the treatment was finished up until last summer I had no problems with acne I am now 23. So I was acne free for 5 years. About a year ago I began to notice my acne coming back near the chin and jaw area, my doctor said I now have an adult acne. Could anyone recommend how to treat adult acne? The acne is cystic again. 

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Options for acne post Accutane

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Some people will have a flare up of acne at another point in their life, usually much less drastic. You can either try another, much shorter round of Accutane. Or start with other oral medications like Doxycycline, minocycline, etc. or some topical medications too. However, really, if your acne is cystic, the best and quickest course of action would just be to do another round of Accutane.

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