Acne Red Marks?

I had a severe breakout around last september. After much struggle much with inflammation, I am left with tons and tons of red marks on my cheeks. It has been 9 months and they are still there. Sometimes they look like they got better but sometimes it looks like the got worse. Is my skin going to be free from the red marks? How long more must I wait? ):

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Red marks after acne

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Many patients are frustrated with persistent red and brown marks on their skin after an acne flare.  One question is whether you still have active acne or just marks from previous acne.  Prescription-strength topical retinoids are often helpful in both treating and preventing acne as well as helping the marks to fade.  Sometimes IPL treatment can get the marks to fade faster.  The good news is that as long as your acne is under control the marks will most likely fade- it just might take several months.  I suggest you consult with a board-certified dermatologist. Good luck!

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