Mixto Laser for Acne Pock Scars?

I'm interested in modeling, but I have red marks from acne and few pock marks. I was doing some research, and I'm really interested in Mixto Laser. I have pretty clear skin, just a few red marks from acne and some pock marks between my eye area. I tried experimenting with a new facial wash, which caused some bad breakouts. Now I have a pretty clear skin. I am trying to pursue a career in modeling, and I want my old nice clear skin back. Do you think Mixto is for me? I'm a 22-year-old male, Korean American.

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Pock mark acne scars and MiXto laser treatments

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I have found the MiXto laser an excellent tool for acne scars.  I have good results, whether I use the fractional setting for rolling scars or the spot handpiece for icepick scars.  I now use the MiXto to treat ice pick scars.  My patients are much happier with the MiXto compared to when I would offer punch excisions.

Ken Oleszek, MD
La Fontaine Aesthetics
Denver, Colorado

Need a consultation to be sure, but Mixto is a great tool

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Hi there-

The only way to measure your candidacy for a Mixto resurfacing would be to see you in consultation to review your goals, perform an examination, and review options with you...

Having said that, the Mixto is an outstanding tool that I have used many times for the problems you are describing, with great success.

I would find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist in your area with experience using the Mixto and visit for a consultation.

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