Why Am I Having Acne Breakouts and Scarring After VI Peel and Laser Genesis?

After my face was under control with 12 extractions, it homed many tiny acne scars and hyper pigmentation. My skin has never been the same again. First VI Peel was beneficial so I did another one in 3 weeks. 2nd one made my face break out with cystic acnes that required cortisone shots (extractions failed and made them worse). Laser genesis (2 weeks after 2nd peel) didn't help. Now my skin is more so under control but I see more unevenness, acne scars, hp, and black heads. What happened?

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Acne, Scarring Vi Peel and Laser Genesis

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I'm not exactly clear on the sequence of events which is causing your problem, but it sounds like you have had too many procedures in too short of a time frame.  Your skin needs time to recover from numerous extractions before proceeding to the Vi Peel twice in 3 weeks and Laser Genesis 2 weeks later.  Give your skin a chance to rest and recover. 

Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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