Can Laser Hair Removal Help Back Acne Due to Hair Growth?

I get acne on my back due to hair growth, can the laser treatment be solution for that? I tried waxing my back once and when hair started growing back it turned into acne. I'm thinking of doing laser treatment with the hope to remove back acne permanently. many thanks for your answer

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Laser hair removal and acne on the back

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if hair growth after waxing caused ingrown hairs then rather than acne, this might be a pseudofolliculitis. the other possibility is that a bacterial folliculitis, or infection of the hair follicles, occurred after the waxing from bacteria that are growing in the warm wax. laser hair removal might improve the acne if the acne were the pseudofolliculitis, but probably not true acne, nor would it improve a bacterial infection of the follicle. You should see a dermatologist if the acne returns.

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