Acne and Contraceptive Pills? (photo)

I am female 25yrs. I was13-14 yrs when my acne started. From 16-18 yrs old I took Roaccutane, but the treatment wasn’t successful. At 19 I started Yasmin. My skin got better. Now I am 3yrs without pills but my skin isn't “calm”, but doesn't face severe acne either. I'm thinking of starting contraception again. What is your opinion and which contr. pills do you recommend?

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Accutane vs birth control pills for acne

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Birth control pills can help with acne because they regulate your hormones, but this only helps if you have hormonal acne and it only helps if you have mild acne. Many people don't have this type of acne so this wouldn't be helpful at all. I don't recommend patients take birth control pills as a way to control acne, as it's merely a side effect of these medications. It's not their primary driving functionality and it ends if you stop the medication. It's a short term, instable solution. If you have acne, get a prescription for an acne medication.

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