Achy Pain in Saline Implants

I had saline implants put in about 2 years ago, but i went to another state for a doctor that was more experienced. For about the last couple of weeks i have been experiencing an achy pain in both breasts (one more than the other). The pain is mostly located by the upper side, near my armpits. they are also very sore all the time, but worse w/ no bra.i have to wear a sports bra even around the house. and any kind of extra movement aches. please help! my doctor is 9 hours away and im worried

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Breast pain traveling to armpits and increased without support following augmentation mammaplasty

The two sided nature of the implant painis somewhat reassuring. I have some patients who have complained of similar pain and it appears related to larger breasts with weight gain and the effects of traction on the breast. In some cases weight loss has helped. However, there are other concerns that should be evaluated before writing it off with this simple explanation. YOu should at least get a mammogram or ultrasound.

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Pain in breasts

It is very important for you to get an exam and review your history so that a proper answer can be given to you. It is unclear from your description why you would have these symptoms.

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