Achieving Ideal Weight Before Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

Do I need to be at an ideal weight before Tummy Tuck and Lipsuction can be performed? I am currently working on losing weight, but I want to go ahead and have the procedures done--possibly including a breast lift with implants as well. I have lost 30 pounds already and I need to lose 30 more.

However, majority of the weight I am losing comes from my legs, butt, and breasts, and not from my mid section where I want to have the procedures done. I would like to have that taken away. I think it would keep me motivated to stay on track with the weight loss.

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Achieve your stable weight first

Yes, please, please please achieve a stable and desired weight prior to the procedure and one that you can maintain over the long-run.

I have seen many cases of weight gain and/or loss after body contouring procedures that can significantly implact the final outcome.

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Keep going!

The additional weight loss, even if it is not from your belly, will only make your results better. From a health standpoint, it may also make your tummy tuck safer because you will be more likely to get up and moving after surgery. Many patients have something major done to "motivate" them for more weight loss, but I find that this fails most of the time. My recommendation from a practice in Columbus, Ohio is to get down to your ideal weight, maintain that weight for a few months, then have your surgery. Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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It's not the easy answer

Unfortunately, you should lose the extra weight before moving forward with liposuction and abdominoplasty. I know that's not what you want to hear, but there are very valid, tested reasons for that answer.

Liposuction isn't a weight loss tool. Liposuction is to help shape and contour, more of a fine tuning tool. It's best used on exercise resistant pockets of fat that remain once you do get to your goal weight. If you were to go ahead and do the liposuction or abdominoplasty now before you've lost remaining 30 pounds, you may end up wanting to have even more liposuction in the same area after you do lose that weight.

It could be that the 30 pounds will come off of your abdomen leaving you with excess skin that wasn't removed in the first abdominoplasty procedure, so you have the unfortunate situation of perhaps having to repeat a surgery to achieve the look you want. That's a waste of your time and money.

You'll get a much better outcome if you stick to it and lose that remaining weight. I know you can! You've already lost 30 pounds, so stick to your guns. I know that's much easier for me to say since I'm not the one who has to do the hard work to get there. I'd just hate to see you cheat yourself out of achieving the best possible results from the surgery.

Good luck!

Steve Byrd, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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