What is Achieveable and Still Realistic For A Breast Lift With Implants?

I am 5'4" 128 lbs. I AM seeing a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgon with hospital privelages.I want a specific LOOK. how do I convey that. Is this understandable... I want Upperfullness/projection/ Round/NO MAJOR arm pit boob! LIFT them up to my ears ( ok maybe not quite) I know I need a vertical lift is this realalistic and acheveable. I am currently a saggy c what would it take (approx) to make a FULL D..or DD at most. (I know you all hate cup sizes so thats why I added a photo!

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Expectations after breast lift and implants

This is a good question because it is always very important to manage expectations before undergoing any cosmetic procedure.  Based on your photo (a full exam is necessary to make a complete and sound plan), it does appear that you would benefit from a lift and implants.  I do agree that a vertical lift would be the best option.  While there are increased scars with a vertical lift, there is more power with that procedure in lifting and shaping the breasts to give a more round shape.  As for the implant size, you do want to be careful on size.  Any weight added to your breasts will lead to faster sagging after surgery.  No matter what is done, your breasts will slowly sag over time again.  The heavier the breasts (i.e. larger implant), the faster that will happen.  I think a DD would be too big and cause you problems over time.  Finally, one thing to remember in breast surgery is that what a surgeon can do is somewhat limited by your anatomy.  If your breasts sit lower on your chest, it will be more difficult to give you upper pole fullness.  The implant size chosen is based on your chest measurements, so if you try to give a lot of upper pole fullness then you may end up getting "arm pit boob" since the implants are as wide as they are tall (round implants).

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Breast Lift with Implants Expectations

Based on our photos, it apears that a vertical breast lift with implants will be the best solution for you. I think it will help you but you need to consider a couple of things so you have realistic expectations. First, if your breasts have sagged significantly you do not have good elasticity of your skin and tissues (otherwise you would not have sagged in the first place). This means that the larger an implant you choose the more weight you will have to bear and the more likely you will be to sag again. So forget about DD cup size. Second, although implants will help with upper pole fullness, gravity will cause the implants to settle some over time and the fullness will be less. Again the bigger and heavier they are the more they will tend to drop. Finally, a truly round shape is more likely with saline but not as natural looking, and it is hard to maintain, again because of gravity. I still think you can get a very nice result but perhaps not the result you originally had in mind.

Joseph Fata, MD
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Yes you can achieve nice full result

 Based on the photos you seem to be a good candidate for the bilateral vertical mastopexy with implants. You should be able to achieve a look you desire. You can choose between silicone or saline implants. Make sure to choose the implant that will give you fullness you are looking for. Choosea  board certified plastic surgeon that is experienced with that type of procedure. Always the biggest concern is a vertical incision, but it is the best option there is for best results. Avoid perialeolar mastopexy

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Realistic Goals

It looks like you would benefit from breast lifting as well as implants.  You may want to consider doing it in 2 stages to get the results your are looking for.  Clear communication with your plastic surgeon is important in achieving the desired goals of the patient.  I like to communicate with patients with “goal” pictures.  During surgery, I use temporary sizers to determine the size/profile that will give the patient the look she is looking for. Trying to predict the size of the implant preoperatively is not ideal.  I think it is too much responsibility for the patient to choose the size of the implant.  Ideally, the surgeon would make that determination once he/she is in the operating room with sizers in and examining the patient in the upright and supine position.  There are many variables that come into play when choosing the correct implant size (how much breast tissue the patient currently has, the shape of the chest wall (concave vs. convex), etc..

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Consider breast lift without implants

Dear Tirby,

I'm afraid my colleagues are correct. Implants will eventually lead to more sagginess, but on a larger scale. You may want to consider another alternative. I understand that you want upper pole fullness - this translates to a younger 'perkier' look that is very attractive. There is a procedure that achieves this without having to use implants. Because the existing breast mound is fixed as high as possible, it appears to be larger in size. The extra skin is used to make an internal bra with straps so that the lift is long lasting. Just a suggestion. Best wishes, Dr. H

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Expectations after breast augmentation

I think that it is important during the exam to show patients how the upper pole of the breast will look over time.  It is impossible to keep them up to the clavicle as some may want ande overtime they do descend.  A vertical lift and implants may be the right thing for you, but an exam is essential.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Lift and Augmentation

Thank you for the photos and a  great question. As women age, and particularly if they have had children, the breast tissue can "thin" and their skin can become more lax. In addition, their nipple and areola can descend below the inframammary fold or "breast crease." Although placing a breast implant provides a small amount of breast lift, it does not lift the breast as much as a mastopexy or "breast lift". With the degree of ptosis or "laxity" in your breasts, and your desire for a lifted breast with upper pole fullness you would benefit from either a peri-areolar or circumvertical breast lift with placement of a breast implant., To determine the type of breast lift, you should be seen by a plastic surgeon.  A circumvertical breast lift would require an incision around the areola and down the lower portion of the breast.  A periareolar mastopexy typically keeps the scar at the boarder of  the areola and breast skin.

Good luck

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Realistic breast lift augmentation results

From your photos, you look to not have the greatest elasticity.  That is typical of folks who need lifts.  You could bet a very nice result with a full lift and an implant but the bigger you try to go with the implant for a fuller upper pole, the more it will sag with gravity.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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What is Achieveable and Still Realistic For A Breast Lift With Implants?

Thanks for the posted photo. Yes you can achieve the full look. It might need 2 operations to obtain a larger implant size. Seek in person evaluations from boarded PSs. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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