I have narrow and uneven eyes, what would I need done to achieve the eyes in the photo below? (photo)

I want my eyes to look like the image on the right. As you can see my eyes are more narrow, the hood is shaped better, my bottom eyelid is straighter, my left eye is more even, and my eyebrows are lower. What operations would I need to achieve this look?

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I have narrow and uneven eyes, what would I need done to achieve the eyes in the photo below? (photo

Thanks for your question and sharing your photos.
You would need a proper one on one consultation to decide the best course of action as the photos do not convey necessary detail.

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Dear WuTangClanNTFW

Thank you for your question!
There is a lot of things that can be done to change the shape of the face and eyes....!!!

But - it is too hard to tell from your photo- and it would really require a proper consultation to determine what you want.
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Eyes too close together - how to treat

Hard to see from your pictures what your goals are.  However it is generally not possible in adults to put the eyes further apart safely, unless it is with clever makeup accentuating the outer portion of the eye.

There are many 'tweaks' that can be done to give the eyes the appearance of more symmetry, compensate for differences in the set of the eyeball inside the eye bone (orbital dystopia), but these are camouflage procedures, and don't actually change the set of the eyes.  Distance between eyes is one of those features.  Things can be done to camouflage asymmetries, but the asymmetries will always be there.

It is often a steep and slippery slope when patients chase absolute perfection, absolute symmetry (when of course the eyes are always asymmetric, even in very beautiful people), or come into the office with detailed pictures of how they want to look.  

A better approach, if it is greater beauty and symmetry you desire, is to explain to several board certified plastic surgeons or eye plastic surgeons what your goals are, and get their opinions.

Patients who try to chase perfection with repeated surgeries on their eyes frequently end up with a very surgical appearance.

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