Possible to achieve this exotic, wide-eyed result via dysport brow lift from very plain hooded eyes? Cost?

My question is regarding a dysport brow lift. I'm enclosing a photo of a certain celebrity female who has clearly had the procedure (as confirmed by my plastic surgeon). My eyes very closely resemble the before photo, as they are hooded as well and I'm in my twenties. My question is: is a similar brow lift via dysport going to give me the same results (wider looking, more exotic enlarged eyes, "awake" appearance, more eyelid and overall more aesthetically appealing look)? And price range?

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Spock lift from Dysport

The person in the photo is lifting her eyebrow in the photo on the right. If you look, the eyebrows are totally uneven, so her right eyebrow (left in the photo) is being lifted by her muscles. She is young and doesn't have forehead lines (either due to injections or not), so you can't see that the muscle is moving this brow, but it clearly is. If you desire a really arched eyebrow like this, yes, it can be done, but really,  it's usually something that people hate and do not like and it happens after a poor injection is done!

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