Acetone for Prepping the Skin Before a Chemical Peel. Where Do I Get it?

pls the acetone used to prep the skin before a chemical peel, is it the acetone from beauty supply stores used for nails or from home depot or hardware stores. also is acetone applied after washing the face or acetone first then wash the face next. thank you

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Use the acetone to degrease just before you start the peel.

Acetone can be obtained from a chemical supplies store - I am not sure about the regulations where you stay, but here in India, it can be easily had from a chemical supplies store. 

You may choose to wash your face, but you can also go ahead and use the acetone alone to cleanse just before you apply the peel. 

I am assuming you are using peels approved for home use, please do approach your dermatologist if you are considering using higher concentrations/ deeper peels.

Good luck and be safe!

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