What Do You Think About Using Acell Matristem, an Extracellar Matrix, to Restore Valve Collaps, Without Using a Spreader Graft?

What do you think about using Acell Matristem, an extracellar matrix, to restore the cartilage of the nose, without using a Spreader Graft? to repair the valve collapse and lead to the self-regeneration of new cartilage without a surgery?. It is possible?. Thanks

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Extracellular matrix can be used in certain reconstructive surgery

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I have been using the MatriStem product for some 3 years now in reconstructive cases. It works extremely well in replacing tissue, especially epidermis and dermis, without the proclivity of scarring. That being said, it will not grow native cartilage in a specific manner oriented in shape and volume. The Acell product requires the tissue surrounding a defect to instruct the body how to repair itself through growth factors. Since spreader grafts or any cartilaginous nasal grafts are not "native" to the body, these cannot be created by this product. A lot of research is being conducted in the field of stem cells and bioscaffolds, yet no product exists at this time which can create grafts or be used to specifically create missing cartilaginous structures such as those found in the nose or ear.

Acell for spreader graft or cartilage

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Acell matrix system may be helpful to heal wounds but will not provide any support for a substitute for cartilage grafts, etc..

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