Accutane 4 or 6 Months?

Hiii Doctors ! i start my 4 month on accutane treatment , my degree is 15 mg my weigh 67 klg ... before 2 months ago i was on 20 mg , so far my face has cleared up just 2 pimples on my face ... my doctor wants me to continue the 4 month and stop it but i'm scared if my acne come back again !!! what i have to do doctors should i continue unitl i reach 6 month ? i need your help please !

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Accutane 4 or 6 Months

Most patients are on an Accutane regimen for longer than 4 months but it really depends on the factors like your dosage, acne severity, acne location, and your weight. If your doctor has a lot of experience with prescribing Accutane, I'd assume he or she knows what you should be doing and when you need to stop based on the above. When you have questions about your care and what's being told to you, you should always ask! So follow-up with your prescribing physician.

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