Do I Need to Go on Accutane Again?

I finished Accutane a year ago and my skin was almost perfect by the 4th month of Accutane and stayed almost perfect. However, I have recently begun breaking out and breaking out pretty severely. I am about to start going to my dermatologist again, and she is probably going to put me on an antibiotic and topical cream. The only problem is the antibiotics never worked in the past and I am afraid they won't work again. Should I try them and maybe waste time or go ahead and start Accutane again?

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Do I Need to Go on Accutane Again

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I do not know what dosage of Accutane you were on before, but 4 months is a very short regimen. My guess is that you didn't get a full and necessary dosage of the Accutane to combat the acne permanently. So, most likely, yes, you will need a second course.

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