Second Course Of Accutane, What Are the Chances that I Need A Third Course?

I'm taking a second course of accutane. Im 19 yrs old. After my 1st course, my acne got 50% better. Right now, its been 2 months and my skin is totally cleared and im not getting any zits anymore. What are the chances of me needing a third course? Thanks!

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Accutane Treatment Courses

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Thank you for your question. Usually those who are on Accutane one course is enough and if a second course is needed the fact that your skin is clearing early into your second course is a good sign that you may not need a third however can not be definitive. It is critical to be on a maintenance program to reduce flare ups. Accutane will improve your acne, but may not cure it. Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist with expertise in acne for the most effective and safe treatment options. I hope this helps.

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