How Can I Know Accutane Works for Me?

My dermatologist gave me 30mg/day , this is a low dose , and i want an increse , but he said the first two mouths we go on 30mg then why change..why?I really want a higher dose , 158 lbs.How can i tell if accutane works for me ?I'm in day 17 , I have my IB in the first week and i have it now, does that mean its working? when i will start to clea up?

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How to know if Accutane works for you

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We almost always start patients on a lower dosage and then go up after a few months. This allows the body to become used to the medication and the patient to determine their tolerance. Some people simply cannot take a higher dosage because their skin gets too dry, their lips too cracked, it upsets their stomach, etc. It's not a good idea to take more than what your physician recommends. Their is a method to our madness and it's in your best interest to follow it.

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