While on Accutane Can I Use Topical Scar Treatments?

I am on my last month of a 5 month accutane treatment and while my acne is gone! I have pretty severe acne rolling scars and marks depending on the lighting. I am wondering if there were any effective topical treatments I can use before I can have a laser treatment done?

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Wait Before Treating Acne Scars While On Accutane

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I counsel my Accutane patients not to worry about the acne scarring during their Accutane treatment course.  During Accutane, the skin is very sensitive and "fragile" which can remain in such a state for a significant time after the treatment course.  Topical modalities to remove scars can aggravate the skin while a patient is on Accutane.  Many patients are pleasantly surprised that what seemed to be deep scars eventually soften and fade in the months after completing Accutane.  I prescribe a topical retinoid for most of my patients after their Accutane course is complete and counsel them to wait for one year before doing any aggressive laser/chemical treatments.  As always, be sure to seek the recommendation of your board certified dermatologist.

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