Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away from Nodular Acne? Am I a Candidate With Heart and Liver Problems? (photo)

Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away That Has Been Present with Nodular Acne? Also, patient on heart transplant list with elevated labs for liver disease. Is it okay to proceed with Accutane?

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Accutane and redness

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Accutane works very well for cystic/nodular acne and associated redness. The cysts themselves will resolve first, and over time, the redness will reduce. The redness can even be treated with light IPL or Laser Genesis to help this move along faster.

However, I would not recommend you go on Accutane due to your other conditions, and I very much doubt your cardiologist and other physicians would want you to try Accutane at this point. While I don't normally see any heart or liver problems, I just think it's safest and best for you not to go on Accutane currently. Consult your other physicians for their take, but this is my opinion.

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