Accutane. Stop or continue?

I weight 97lbs First month accutane: Took 20mg once a day: Main concern: blackheads all over face, oily skin, blackheads and pimple on back During my thrid week of first month all my blackheads pretty much disappear and my active inflamed pimple dried out Second month: 20mg once a day I only took 10 days of the 20mg and than changed it to every 4 days of 20mg, due to side effects I was having. My back cleared. Third month: 10mg once a day i was wondering if I stop now would my acne come back?

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Stop or continue Accutane

Visit your prescribing physician to go over your regimen. It's important to take a full course of Accutane, which for most people with more moderate or severe acne is 8,000-16,000 total mg of the medication. You're definitely not there yet. So if you are looking for long-term effectiveness you need to be on the medication longer. Visit your prescribing physician to discuss it.

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