Studies on Pregnancies After Accutane Use?

I have been unable to locate information on the web regarding pregnancies after Accutane. I know of or have heard of several people who say they were not able to get pregnant after Accutane. I don't know their history but they swear it was the Accutane. Have there been any studies regarding pregnancies after Accutane? Waiting period after Accutane? I have read 1 month to 6 months to even 1 year. What is the correct answer or suggestion? I am 37 years old. Thanks.

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Accutane is a teratogenic drug

Accutane, if taken during pregnancy, causes severe birth defects. There is no mechanism whereby Accutane, vitamin A, or any similar retinoid can cause infertility. It is recommended that you wait a menstrual cycle before trying to get pregnant to insure the Accutane is totally out of your blood stream. I have been prescribing Accutane now 25 years and have an entire generation of patients who have had children after taking Accutane earlier.

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