My cystic acne is back, should I take a second course of Accutane to get rid of it completely?

hello, i was on accutane about 4 months ago. when i stopped i still had small bumps but not cystic or anything. before accutane they were cystic nodular acne. now i am starting to get the cystic acne back but they are ot painfull like before. should i take second course to completly eradicate acne? yes my derm prescribed minocycline right now to see if acne will respond but its not. thanks in advance.

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Cystic acne is back after Accutane

85% of patients need only one round of Accutane, but this is ONLY if they are compliant and reach the necessary levels of the medication. For people with severe or cystic acne sometimes a second round is needed in the future. My gut is that if you are only 4 months out and your acne is returning already, you should have been on a longer initial course or a higher mg level.

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