Accutane for PCOS-related Acne and Oily Skin?

I have scarring, mild to moderate acne, but I often scar (small ice pick scars and needle point scars). I've been prescribed 20mg/day of Accutane for 6 months.

I've tried Aldactone and birth control pills with moderate improvement but am still dissatisfied with the results. Can I expect improvement from this dosage of Accutane? And should I worry about side effects at this dosage?

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Accutane for PCOS-related acne and oily skin

You should expect some improvement of your acne at this dosage. 20 mg of Accutane is not a high dose. Different practitioners prescribe Accutane differently. I typically recommend starting on a lower dosage, but ramp up to 1 mg/kg (for example, 60 mg for a 60 kg person) daily dosage for however long it takes to reach a target dose of 120-150 mg/kg body weight. This treatment course, however, can be adjusted, based on the side effects the person is experiencing, which may limit the dosage a person can tolerate. Accutane-related side effects are mostly dose-related and need to be monitored closely by your physician.

Good luck.

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