Accutane and Oily Skin Big Pores a Quick Fix or Longtime Cure

I am a 27 year old male with moderate acne,VERY oily skin and also VERY big pores. I just got off antiobiotics,BP and aczone which helped for awhile but not long enough. Will accutane permanently shrink the appearance of my huge pores as well as decrease my oily skin? My hair on my scalp is pretty dry. Will that increases that side-effects of baldness or loss of hair? I would do anything to make my pores or "orangepeel" skin go away.My oily skin makes my pores look even worse. Thank you!

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Accutane helpful for reduction of oily complexion

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Isotretinoin or Accutane is indicated for severe nodulocystic acne. It exerts a semi-permanent effect in shrinking oil glands and decreasing oil production from sebaceous glands. Some of my patients have reported reduction of pores and acne scarring after a successful course of Accutane. if you are not ready to undergo Accutane, Nd:Yag based lasers such as Spectra laser or Cutera GenesisPlus can be helpful to reduce size of pores.

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