Accutane Mild Acne. How High Would My Dosage Be?

I have really bad mild acne, I usually break out after eating carbs or anything sweet i get alot of small whiteheads and underskin pimples. I am a 20yr. male, weight about 165 pounds and i have been thinking about accutane. If i were to go on accutane would my dosage be as high as someone who has severe acne?

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Accutane and mild acne

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First, acne has nothing to do with food and what you eat. It makes no difference if you eat carbs or sweets or chocolate or anything like that. Second, Accutane for mild acne is just fine. Often we try topicals or other oral medications first, especially for mild acne. But some acne is just resilient to treatment, so Accutane is definitely a good solution at that point. You will most likely be on the medication for a shorter course length than others with more severe or cystic acne. The dosage is determined by your weight, the type, severity, and location of your acne, as well as your environment and tolerability.

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