Using Less Invasive Treatments Safe 4 Months After Accutane?

I just got off of a 4 month accutane treatment. Is it okay for me to immediately start using Retin-A, Vitamin C, AHA? I know that with deeper chemical peels, one would need to wait for 6 months. I want to know if that was the case for prescription products and things that are less invasive than Chemical peels?

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You should be fine.

Thanks for your question.

You are correct in asking about procedures and products to do/use after taking accutane. Accutane treatment may lead to abnormal or prolonged wound healing, and patients must be cautious for up to one year if desiring to undergo such procedures.

That being said, it is fine if you do low percentage glycolic peels (25-35%), Retin A, and vitamin C products. Avoid deeper peels, TCA peels, and ablative laser resurfacing, for up to one year.

Good luck!

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