Is Accutane a Good Idea? I'm 15 and Very Active.

I am an active 15 yr old female and want to take accutane so bad. I cheer and am always busy. I have had acne for about 4 years. I have taken 4 different prescriptions over a 2 years spand, also trying every acne product out there. I have whiteheads, blackeds, and deep painful pimples.NOTHING HAS WORKED! Having acne is a self-confidence killer. All my friends have pretty clear skin, i want it. Very few people have problems and my mom is telling me no but i am begging. Is this a good idea for me?

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Is Accutane a good idea?

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I believe Accutane is an amazing medication and I wish it didn't have such a bad reputation. I completely understand how devastating bad acne can be and how much of a negative affect it can have on your life. Accutane is good because it works on multiple forms of acne; many other medications - oral and topical - just do not. I put all three of my daughters on Accutane over their lifetimes and all of them get compliments on how beautiful their skin is. I don't fear Accutane and I beleive in its abilities. With that being said, you need to discuss your concerns and desires with your mom and a physician because they will have a say in your medical care.

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