On Accutane for 5months. Stop?

I'm a 16yr old, weighing around 125lbs. I have been on Accutane for 30mg/day for the past 5months. Due to financial problems, my parents are calling me to stop it. What should I expect after stopping it, Also, on a side note, is it better for me to take it for the full course(8months) my derm told me, or is 5months good enough.

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Is it ok to stop Accutane?

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I'm sorry about your financial situation. There are a two types of isotretinoin that have zero co-pay or $10 co-pay (with insurance). Before you stop, you might want to ask your dermatologist about either of these - one is Absorica, one is Zenatane. If your derm said you need to be on it for 8 months, then regardless of how your skin looks at this point, you probably don't have enough mg of the medication in your system to truly combat the acne in the long-term, and you'll most likely need to be on Accutane again in the future.

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