Accutane After an Ear Surgery?

Hello! Two months passed after I had an otoplasty, my dermatologist prescribed Accutane as a treatment for my acne.

My plastic surgeon explained it's safe to start taking Accutane as the healing is completed, and also told me that there's a danger only when taking Accutane before or after rhinoplasty as a nose cartilage is completely different from those in ears.

Now I just need to be 100% sure I won't suffer any consequences though I trust my surgeon as he's very experienced. Thank you!

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Accutane after ear surgery

Starting Accutane after healing has occurred, 2 months following your surgical procedure should not be a problem as it relates to the ear.  After your course of Accutane, I would wait at least 6 months before undergoing a surgical procedure.

Good luck.

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